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Of Mud and Mire

As individual band members, each has a passion for creating music and sharing Jesus. As a band, these passions are intertwined. Of Mud and Mire desires to use their songs, stories, and lives to show Christ's love and see lives changed forever. 

Alvan - Lead Singer & Guitarist

Hometown: El Dorado Springs, MO 

About: Alvan is a self-taught guitarist who discovered a love for music at a young age. Sitting in his room for hours every day he would listen to music and learn the riffs and licks of some of his favorite guitarists. As he grew older he discovered the power of using his gift and passion for Christ and began leading worship at his hometown church. Still feeling a bigger calling from God, Alvan started writing his own music. Now with a CD under his belt and countless opportunities to spread God's word with his music, Alvan is looking forward to a second CD and being able to spread the Word to more people across the world!


Faith - Pianist & Singer


Hometown: El Dorado Springs, MO

About: Faith is a self-taught pianist who fell in love with the sound of the piano and organ as a baby. Her mother has played the piano longer than any of her 7 brothers (including Alvan) or her have been alive. Growing up in a house of music and hymns sparked something inside of Faith. At the age of 12 she felt the call of God for music ministry. Having lost her father at the age of 8, Faith discovered the power of music in dealing with pain and as a way to cry out to God. As she has matured musically, vocally, and spiritually, she pursues God daily through her songs. Faith is passionate about helping others through her music and lyrics, and always gives God all the glory.

Tyler - Drummer


Hometown: El Dorado Springs, MO

About: Tyler has always been passionate about playing the drums. Even as a kid, Tyler's mom would find him beating on pots and pans, or anything he could find that would make noise. It wasn't until Tyler was about 11 years old that he got a real drum set. Tyler's driving attitude, combined with his practice and persistence has brought him far in his musical abilities. He always finds a way to stay connected at his church - whether through being actively involved in the worship team or another ministry. Not only is Tyler the drummer for Of Mud and Mire, but he also wrote the songs Love the Way and Song in My Head. These two love songs were inspired and written to Tyler's wife, Faith (yes, that's the girl in the band - Alvan's sister).  

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