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To the One Who Lifted Me Out

by Of Mud and Mire

Released 2013
Released 2013
"To the One Who Lifted Me Out" blends together the softer sounds of acoustic with the steady rhythms of light rock that pursues to describe a deeper love and understanding of God and those around us.
Of Mud and Mire started out as two siblings and one friend who shared a common interest: a love for music. What started as impromptu playing sessions of everything from Lynard Skynard and ZZ Top to worship songs they knew from church, eventually became late nights of "Hey, so I started writing this song, would you mind helping me out on it?" After the encouragement of family and friends, Of Mud and Mire started to work on their first album "To the One Who Lifted Me Out" which covers topics of God, love and loss. Behind every song is a positive message along with a personal story, driven home with the beautiful harmony of sister/brother vocals. Of Mud and Mire consists of Alvan Reasoner on guitar and lead vocals, Faith Schweizer on piano and vocals, and Tyler Schweizer on drums. "To the One Who Lifted Me Out" is an album that will put a smile on your face and have you humming to its catchy tunes everywhere you go.

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